About Us

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What is Reviewlin?

My, Our DREAM! Seriously! I and my team were looking to create a blog where we can share everything from politics to education, technology to products review etc. We want to share what we know and think you should know that too. We are doing our best to bring the Reviewlin in front of the public.

What is Our Motto?

Well, to be honest, we don’t have any motto. but yes, we do have a goal and that is to provide useful information to the users. We think everyone should share what they know with others to make a better world. We here at Reviewlin, try to focus on sharing knowledge on each and every topic we know better.

Why Are We Doing These?

For two things, fun and money! Now you may ask, how we are having fun writing articles. hmm, let me ask you a question. In which things, you get fun? Offcourse except sex. 😀 Someone feels joy by painting on the wall, someone find happiness in doing some awkward things like doing pranks in the street, someone like swimming, someone like to ride on Ferrari and drink Beer while driving. You may like other things and find fun. So, here is the answer. We like to write and we have fun while writing. This is something you may call “Passion”!

Now question no. 2: How we earn money by writing articles? This is the 21st century, isn’t it? If you are asking this question, then it is pretty much sure that you are not an internet addict like me! In this recent time, people can earn in many ways. Even someone can earn money by simply clicking some photographs. Don’t believe me, just type “how to earn money from online” on Google and you will find a lot of ways to earn money. Anyway, we write reviews of different products from different marketplaces like Amazon. eBay etc. and get paid a small commision when a user buys that product using our link. You can find more information here.

Why Should We Trust You?

Hmm, that is now a legit and mature question. 😀 We are just a startup now and it is hard to have belief in us. But, be sure that we are not selling any product or service here. In some article, we do reviews of some products that we think we should do. We take help of different forums and user’s review on different marketplaces to review the product. We analyze the review of thousands of real user’s feedback available on the internet and make a summation of them to review a product.

Suppose, we are going to review a 4k projector. Let’s assume the name of the model of the projector is ABC. We collect the reviews of real customers from the internet and analyze them to make ready of a final review of that ABX product. Once our researchers make that copy, it is sent to the experts of our team. They again do a short research on that and finalize the review copy. Then the writer (most of the time it is me, Joseph), write the review and admin publish the post in Reviewlin.

Do You Allow Sponsored Ad?

Yes, we do. Contact us to discuss.

But not every time, We decide this in our monthly meeting.

That’s all from us. Want to know more about us? Just give us a ping using the form from the contact page. See you!