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How to Assemble Manual and Electric Meat Grinder

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If you are a culinary fanatic, then you probably opt for having your meat ground at home, rather than buying the packaged minced meat.

If this is the case, then you are in the right place. As today we will take you through the process of assembling the meat grinder. We will learn how to assemble both manual and electric meat grinders.

Whether it is a manual grinder or an electric grinder, read through to know how to get started with grinding your meat at home.

How to Assemble Manual Meat Grinder?

assemble manual meat grinder

If you are someone who is okay with putting in muscle power to create some amazing recipes, then a manual meat grinder is a perfect choice.

But unlike an electric grinder, you need to be very careful with the assembly of this machine. There are various parts involved and you have to be careful of the order you put the parts together.

Worry not, for we have made this simple guide to help you assemble the manual meat grinder in no time.

Step 1: Know the parts

Start by identifying the parts which need to be assembled. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but you get a hang of it soon. Check if all of the following parts are there with you in addition to the main body:

  • Auger and hopper
  • Nut and collar
  • Handle and the grinding plate

This forms the main assembly of the manual grinder. Make sure you have them all cleaned up and dried before you begin with the assembly.

Step 2: Adding the Handle

So, the first thing to assemble is the handle to the main body. You need to careful when screwing this in, it should not be either too loose or too tight.

If you find it hard to rotate or too loose to spin, then you will have to re-do this step. Do not want the grinder parts to get damaged due to friction.

Step 3: Auger and the Blades

After this, you have to screw in the auger and attach the blades. Be very careful in this step, it would be helpful if you put on a pair of rubber gloves before fixing the blades.

Start by fixing the auger, which a small spiral-shaped part in the assembly. Fix the auger firmly into the main body. Once done, proceed by adding the blades and the main plate to the meat grinder.

The plates go above the main body, where you add the meat to the grinder, which then passes through the blades via the auger.

Step 4: Mount it up

You are one step closer to grinding your own meat in a manual meat grinder. Choose a stable and flat surface to mount the machine.

Once it’s set and stable, you can tighten up the wedges and fix the grinder in place. Now you are all set up to use the manual grinder to grind up the meat.

While this was the manual meat grinder assembly, let’s now jump onto the electric meat grinders. They are simpler to set up and use as opposed to the manual ones.

How to Assemble Electric Meat Grinder?

Assemble Electric Meat Grinder

Setting up the electric meat grinder is pretty simple, and it does not involve a lot of steps or parts. So, if you are up for spending a bit and investing in these little handy machines then definitely make a go for it!

And follow these steps to set it up:

Step 1

Pretty similar to the manual grinder, you will find the same parts here too. It’s great to familiarize yourself with them and then it will be easy for you to patch it up. There will be an auger, hopper, grinding plate, etc with it. Set aside all these parts.

Step 2

The next step involved fixing the head of the grinder. You need to screw it into the main body by turning it clockwise till it gets firmly in. Make sure to have it fitted in firmly otherwise this may damage the electric grinder.

Step 3

Next up are the blades and the screws. Take them up and attach them up to the grinder firmly. Make sure to secure them tightly to the grinder body, you do not want a loose blade ruining your meat.

Step 4

The final step is to add the meat plate to the grinder. This may be regarded as a hopper or plate, the area in which you pile up the meat in the grinder to be ground. So, secure the plate on the top of the main body and you are good to go.

Now you are ready to use the electric meat grinder to grind up some meat for your next recipe!

Tips from Our Experts

One extra tip from our side would be to ensure the hygiene of the grinder parts. Make sure that the grinder parts are clean before you grind.

And even after the grinding makes it a habit to clean them up before storing. Grinders, which grind up raw meat are vulnerable to contamination, so there is a need to maintain their cleanliness.

You can do so by soaking the manual grinder parts in a soap solution and then drying them up before storing them in a dry place. For an electric meat grinder, you can clean up the parts, by means of a wet cloth.

Then you can put it aside for drying before using it or storing it in a dry place.


So, now you are an expert in assembling both a manual and electric meat grinder, depending on the availability and your convenience, you can stick with any method.

Make sure you do follow the steps in the given order, and that extra tip will definitely help in getting the best results in addition to enhancing the life of your meat grinder.

So, what is the wait, get up, and get some meat ground to be used in your next recipe!


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