Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Reviews 2020

The best thing about contemporary technology is that it makes everything convenient, including barbecue. And even though the technology of Bluetooth meat thermometers is yet to catch on, it is an excellent piece of equipment that adds a good level of convenience into your life.

Every piece of technological equipment must connect to your smartphone, and so it seems. In the following discussion, we look at some of the best Bluetooth meat thermometers to make your life a little bit cooler and fun.

What is a Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer?

Bluetooth connectivity is one of the most popular wireless technologies that allow you to get particular information from another device without a wire connection. Bluetooth will enable you to go wireless, and in most cases, associated with smartphone connection.

The Bluetooth BBQ thermometer is, therefore, a wireless device that helps you determine the temperature of the meat you are barbecuing or grilling without being close. That means you can watch the game or any other favorite program, and still keep tabs on their meat inside the oven or BBQ.

The technology is quite convenient, and it allows you to do something else as you wait for the meat to cook effectively. In particular, you get the temperature information directly to your smartphone, and you can take the necessary action if needs be.

The Bluetooth BBQ thermometer is a technology still in its early stages and is yet to catch on.

How Does a Bluetooth Thermometer Work?

The BBQ thermometer has three main parts: the cable, probe, and transmitter. The probe goes inside the grill or into the meat to collect the information and sends a signal to the transmitter through the cable.

It is the transmitter that sends the signal through Bluetooth connectivity to your cell phone, which in this case is the receiver. In the majority of the cases, there’s a display that allows you to see the temperature directly when you are close to the grill.

Some of the advanced thermometers have two-way connectivity where you can make changes to the settings when some distance away. That means you will never have to leave your chair when enjoying your favorite program or game to make changes. And that is what convenience is all about. It makes your work more comfortable and enjoyable. of course, grilling becomes enjoyable with such practicality.

The Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Thermometer

As mentioned, Bluetooth thermometers are innovative devices that give you the convenience of grilling without having to be close to the device. It incorporates contemporary technology of wireless connectivity and smartphone application for convenient and effortless grilling. All that you must do is buy a Bluetooth thermometer and download the appropriate app that works flawlessly with the device, and you’re good to go.

And despite the convenience, Bluetooth connectivity has its disadvantages. The downside of the connection is that it may not be practical, primarily through objects such as brick walls, and trees. in other words, the communication between the transmitter and receiver may have problems when there are several barriers between them.

Forget that some manufacturers may quote a range of around 150 ft or so, but you should never take such marketing jargon at face value. Furthermore, the connection may not always be consistent, especially when you are some distance away, and that can affect the information you get.

Optimizing the Performance of the Bluetooth Thermometer

To ensure the best performance of your Bluetooth thermometer, make sure that there are fewer barriers between the thermometer and the cellphone, which is the receiver. That means you should be as close as possible.

You should also be at a distance where you can hear the alarms comfortably, without having to rely solely on your cell phone. It is always important to be sure, especially when grilling because a small temperature increase can cause everything to go haywire.

It would be quite unfortunate to lose all the meat by burning.

And if you have other Bluetooth devices working around your homestead, you should switch them off to avoid interference.

Don’t forget always to keep the probe clean, and ensure the cables are in good working condition. Debris and accumulation of other substances on the probe can affect the efficiency of the thermometer. It is possible to get the wrong readings if there is debris and fats on the probe.

It is also essential to test the efficiency of the thermometer from time to time. Use the boiling water and ice methods to determine whether the thermometer is working as it should.

Bluetooth versus Wi-Fi BBQ Thermometers

And even though both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi use the same frequency of 2.4 gigahertz, they are quite different. Well, both are wireless connection technologies that link contemporary devices and makes communication between them, effortless. However, that is where are the similarities between the two, stop.

In one hand, Bluetooth has a shorter range, and it allows connectivity between devices that are not too far away. On the other hand, Wi-Fi BBQ thermometers have a more significant scale, and it is possible to connect devices through internet connectivity. That means you can be anywhere around the world where there is a good internet connection, and still connect to your devices, wirelessly.

Wi-Fi connectivity is not affected by barriers between the transmitter and receiver, and therefore, it is quite adequate and much better than Bluetooth. The only problem with the Wi-Fi connectivity is that it may not come cheap, especially on BBQ thermometers. However, that is to be expected, as with better technology comes a higher price tag.

You will also find devices that use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and that means you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Best 10 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Reviews

iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 4 Pro Meat Probes – Weber

iGrill2 Complete Master Kit with 4 Pro Meat Probes - Weber

Top Features
  • A 48-inch color-coded probe cord
  • A probe capability of up to 4
  • The range of the Bluetooth is 150 feet
  • Illuminated LED display with two viewing angles
  • The battery life is 200 hours
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Temperature alarms, both custom and preset
  • The app allows you to monitor multiple devices simultaneously

Product Description

Grilling convenience comes in the form of iGrill2. The thermometer is one of the must-have devices for technology lovers, and who also have an unquenchable thirst for grilled meat. It is a device that has various features designed to make the grilling experience the best you have ever had. The Bluetooth thermometer makes everything seem simple and fun.

For starters, the 48-inch probe cord is quite sufficient by all standards. And for those people that love to multitask, the probe capability of 4 is something quite impressive, as it allows you to grill several pieces of meat at the same time.

But what about the range?

Most of the best Bluetooth grill thermometers on the market have a range of up to 150 feet, and this device is no different. That means you can be up to 150 feet away, and keep tabs of the cooking meat. You can watch the game or do something else, as you wait for the meat to be ready. No need to be around, and that is a good thing.

You will also find the illuminated LED display to be quite useful in every way. You can read out the temperature information without necessarily having to use the smartphone app. some of us don’t want to be too far away from the meat in the grill, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Other essential features include the long battery life of up to 200 hours and the magnetic mounting. That means you can use the thermometer for a long time, without necessarily having to change the battery.

ConclusionThe Bluetooth thermometer has some fantastic features that include a sufficiently long cord, long battery life, and a good range of up to 150 feet. Most people love the fact that you can connect to various devices and monitor your meat conveniently.

Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer

Top Features
  • Four probes to monitor different foods
  • The meat probes are heat resistant
  • LED temperature display
  • The temperature thermometer has an effective Bluetooth connectivity
  • 200hr battery

Product Description:

Some of the top features in this Bluetooth thermometer include the four probes to monitor different types of foods. Mainly, this saves you time, and you don’t have to wait for one kind of food to cook to watch another one.

And with the heat resistance of up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit, the meat probe is quite durable and ideal for the task at hand. you don’t have to worry about the equipment getting damaged by the significant amount of heat, and that is what the most useful and practical Bluetooth thermometers are all about.

The Bluetooth thermometer also has a clear LED display that you can get the temperature information that you need to determine whether the meat is ready or not. This display is essential when you are close to the grill. But you still have the alternative of using your smartphone.

You will notice that the Bluetooth connectivity is quite useful, and you can monitor your food from a distance. In particular, you get a notification when the food is ready, and your job now is to cut the meat into pieces and share it with the group.

The 200 hours battery life is quite sufficient for the task, and you can use it for a significant amount of time before needing replacement.

Conclusion: The four probes and a high degree of heat resistance is what makes this Bluetooth thermometer one of the best on the market. It has functional Bluetooth connectivity and a long life battery. The 200 hours battery life is not so bad.

GrillEye GE0001 Smart Bluetooth Grilling & Smoking Thermometer, Red

GrillEye GE0001 Smart Bluetooth Grilling & Smoking Thermometer, Red

Top Features
  • Bluetooth range of up to 300 feet
  • The probes are stainless steel and high-grade aluminum
  • It comes with up to six probes that you can use to cook different types of meats
  • Dual display to indicate the targeted temperature and the current temperature
  • The probes have a flame-proof grip
  • For ambient temperature readings, the probes also have two clips

Product Description:

With a favorable Bluetooth range of up to 300 feet in open spaces, you can finally keep track of your meat in the grill without having to be close by. You can catch up with family or friends while allowing the Bluetooth thermometer to keep an eye on the food. Grilling was never this easy.

The meat probes are from stainless steel and high-grade aluminum for durability, and heat resistance. And you can monitor up to 6 probes at the same time, and that means you can cook several pieces, thereby minimizing the wait.

Another top feature that you may not find from other Bluetooth thermometers is the dual display. The device shows you both the targeted temperature as well as the current temperature. There are two different LED indicators for that purpose.

You can also use the Bluetooth thermometer to read the ambient temperature. They have two clips for that purpose.


The space grade aluminum and stainless steel makes the probes quite durable. It also comes with a heat resistant handle that makes it easy to use even in high temperatures. You will notice that most other Bluetooth thermometers have a range of around 200 feet. However, this one has a good range of up to 300 feet.

Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer

Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer

Top Features
  • Has a stopwatch, timers, and food presets to keep track of the meat in the grill
  • Up to 4 probe ports to monitor different foods
  • You can set diverse modes according to the food you are grilling
  • Out of range notification
  • 36-inch waterproof probes and heatproof cords with a rating of 572 degrees Fahrenheit

Product Description

A top Bluetooth thermometer allows you to monitor the food effectively without having to be around. And to achieve that, the device must have certain features such as a stopwatch, timer, and food presets, and that is precisely what you get with this thermometer.

You can set different modes and the temperature so that you can get a notification when the food is ready. The device is quite convenient.

We also find the out of range notification to be quite useful. Necessarily, you will not get surprised when the food overcooks because you were out of range, and you never noticed. This can be quite a common problem where you don’t realize that the device is out of range, and therefore, inefficient.

The two 36-inch probes are waterproof, and the wires are heatproof with a rating of 572 degrees Fahrenheit. That means they are durable and perfect for the task of grilling meat.

The thermometer also has a clear LED screen that displays essential information that you can see from a distance, especially when you don’t have your cell phone with you.


What we love about this Bluetooth thermometer is the various useful features that it has. All of them make it easy to grill your food in the right way so that you can have something ready in time. The out of range notification, and durable, waterproof 36-inch probes are other features that you’ll love.

BBQ Meat Thermometer

BBQ Meat Thermometer

Top Features
  • A robust Bluetooth wireless connection of up to 164 feet
  • Has an overheating notification on your smartphone
  • The probes are stainless steel, and they have a frame resistant handle
  • One clip for ambient temperature
  • Six probes that make it possible to monitor up to six different types of foods

Product Description

The BBQ meat thermometer is intelligent and beautifully-designed equipment to help you grill the meat expertly. You no longer have to be around the grill when the meat is cooking. The Bluetooth signal from the transmitter is robust and reliable with a range of up to 164 feet.

In most cases, you get a notification when the meat is overheating, and you can pause whatever you’re doing to go and get it ready.

The stainless steel probes are more durable and practical than silicone types. The probes give you an accurate reading, and you can get the right information to take action. A flame resistant handle is a useful part that makes it possible to insert and remove the probes without the risk of getting a nasty burn.

Temperature resistance of 716℉ is quite sufficient, and it makes grilling a comfortable exercise. The thermometer also comes with the one clip for ambient temperature.

The six probes are quite useful as they make it possible to monitor up to six different types of foods. And that means you can grill different meat at the same time, and get real-time notifications when the food is ready.


The range of 164 feet may not be the best, but it is robust and reliable when you are in range. You will love the stainless steel probes with a flame resistant handle that significantly improve the grilling experience.

Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Meat Grill Thermometer

Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless Meat Grill Thermometer

Top Features
  • Small and convenient design
  • It comes with a 1000 maH lithium battery
  • The thermometer has a USB charging cable
  • It has a wireless range of up to 50 meters
  • It is magnetic and can attach next to your BBQ
  • You can connect up to four probes to monitor different foods

Product Description

The Bluetooth wireless thermometer is a favorite of many people based on a variety of features that make grilling an enjoyable experience. Among the fantastic features include the 1000maH lithium battery that is all about reliability and convenience. It provides sufficient power for the device to run efficiently.

The 50m wireless range is not wholly bad, and you can get the right information on the grilling seafood or chicken, conveniently to your smartphone when you are catching up with your friends.

The device is magnetic, and it can conveniently attach next to the BBQ or another metallic device securely. You, therefore, don’t have to be anxious about the device falling over, and losing the signal before the meat gets ready.

The battery stays charged for up to 60 hours, and which is more than sufficient time to do your cooking. And should you need to charge the device, it has a USB cable for that purpose.

The four probes make it convenient for you to monitor up to four different foods without the need to be next to the grill.


The rechargeable Bluetooth thermometer is one of the most useful and convenient devices that you can get as an enthusiast of barbecued foods. It wouldn’t get any better than this device, and the 1000maH battery lasts up to 60 hours before it needs a recharge. It has up to 4 probes that make it possible to monitor four different pieces of meat.

Maverick ET-735 Wireless BBQ Turkey Thermometer

Maverick ET-735 Wireless BBQ Turkey Thermometer

Top Features
  • Extended Bluetooth range of 160 feet
  • A notification when you are out of scope for more than 1 minute
  • Convenient and user-friendly downloadable application
  • Four 3ft long probes that are also water resistant
  • Features a stopwatch, timers and food presets

Product description

The wireless BBQ thermometer has a decent range of 160 feet. Additionally, it has a notification when you are out of scope for more than 1 minute. You can, therefore, get back within range to keep track of the food in the grill.

The downloadable application is quite user-friendly, and it converts your smartphone into a remote control, and receiver at the same time. You can, therefore, control the wireless Bluetooth thermometer from the comfort of your living room or at the other end of the yard where you are catching up with some friends from work.

It is also possible to monitor up to four combinations of meats, smokers, ovens, and grills. All the four probes are 3 foot long and water-resistant. The wires are heat resistant with a rating of 572∞F, and this feature makes it the best Bluetooth meat thermometer for the oven.

The thermometer also features timers; food presets, and stopwatch for an effective grilling exercise.

You get a notification to your phone when the meat reaches the appropriate temperature. You, therefore, are not caught off guard when grilling some chicken.

Another excellent characteristic is the ability to customize the application according to preference. For example, you can choose particular notification tones and other settings that you like.


The 160 ft range Bluetooth thermometer is quite user-friendly, and it has several attractive features such as customizable notifications, an out-of-range notification, and four probes. You can monitor any combination of four different foods, such as chicken and beef at the same time.

Inkbird Digital Food Thermometer BBQ Meat Smoker Grilling Oven Food Cooking Barbecue (IBT-2X + 1 Probe)

Inkbird Digital Food Thermometer BBQ Meat Smoker Grilling Oven Food Cooking Barbecue (IBT-2X + 1 Probe)

Top Features
  • A downloadable application that works with your iPhone or Android device
  • An easy-to-use food grade steel probe
  • Clear LED digital screen
  • The double socket that allows you to monitor two different foods
  • Time countdown and temperature range alarm

Product Description

The downloadable application that works with the meat smoker grill digital food thermometer is user-friendly. Using the app, you can choose how long you want your food to cook and get notifications when it is ready. It is a simple application to use, and it does not take much time to learn the first time you come across it.

The LED digital screen is very bright, and you can make out the information on it, even from a distance. You may not need to monitor the food when you are just a few steps away because the screen is bright.

The stainless steel probe is not only durable but also useful in the task of taking accurate temperatures.  It is exciting for some people to know that you can monitor two different types of foods. Maybe you want a taste of the beef, and the fish as well. As the best Bluetooth meat thermometer for a smoker, the device allows you that option of monitoring two types of foods.

You will find the time countdown and temperature range alarm to be quite functional when grilling your favorite meat. The range of 150 feet gives you the freedom of doing something else away from the grill.


Apart from the user-friendly application that allows you to choose how long you need your food to cook, the Bluetooth thermometer has other great features. Some of the most useful include than temperature range alarm, and two sockets that allow you to cook two different types of meat.

Weber iGrill Mini (7202)

Weber iGrill Mini (7202)

Top Features
  • One probe included
  • The meat probe is heat resistant up to 716˚F
  • Smart and clear LED display
  • Effective Bluetooth connectivity
  • The magnetic base that you can use to attach to metallic surfaces
Product Description

The one probe capability is not so bad for most of us that don’t have a big family. For some of us, what matters is not the probe capability, but the efficiency, and that is precisely what you get with this Bluetooth thermometer.

The single probe is easy to set up and only takes a few minutes to put it up. And even though the wireless thermometer transmitter seems like a tiny device, it is quite efficient. The Bluetooth connectivity is stable and reliable, and you can be sure of not missing any notification when you are catching up with your best friend, a few meters away.

The magnetic base allows you to attach to metallic surfaces such as on the grill itself effectively. The attachment is secure, and the device cannot fall off.

For some people, the 150-hour battery may not be sufficient, but it is laudable for such a small device. In most cases, the capacity is enough to cook your favorite dishes every weekend for a significant period.

And just like the other medium-sized Bluetooth thermometers on the market, this device has functional features. For example, the preset temperature, temperature range alarm, and out of range notification are available. So, in essence, the small wireless grill thermometer has almost everything that you would get from its peers on the market.


To the surprise of many, the small igrill device has various functional features and that you would mostly get from the other mid-sized best Bluetooth meat thermometers. More importantly, the single meat probe has high heat resistance and provides proper temperatures that you can rely on. Small is always convenient, and of course, attractive.

Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer

Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer


Top Features
  • It provides accurate readings of between 32°F and 572°F
  • A backlit and bright LCD screen
  • Wireless range of 100 feet
  • The application has a simple-to-use interface with preset temperatures
  • Six probes with a high heat resistance
Product Description

It is not always that you get a great Bluetooth thermometer for meat with such high accuracy like this device. The Bluetooth digital thermometer has an exceptional range of 32°F – 572°F, which means you can monitor the meat effectively with accurate temperature readings.

The bright LCD screen is easy to read even from a distance. You can, therefore, determine how much you need to wait before the meat is ready, and you can have a feast with your friends.

It can be quite dull to stand around and wait for the meat to cook effectively. However, that needs not to happen with such a device as this Bluetooth thermometer that gives you instant notifications conveniently to your smartphone.

The app is easy to use, and it incorporates up to 11 preset temperatures for each of your favorite foods. But you are free to customize the temperatures according to your preferences, and the instructions from the cookbook. When it comes to food preparation, nothing is set in stone.


The wireless grill thermometer has everything that you would expect from a convenient and easy-to-use technological device. The smartphone application is easy to use as well, with preset temperatures, temperature range notifications, and everything else that will make it easy for you to grill your favorite meat.

What we love about the device is that it is easy to use. It is without a doubt something that meat lovers will love, and make life more interesting for them.


The best Bluetooth meat thermometer is a must-have for grilled meat lovers. It makes the task of grilling meat, effortless, and exciting. The best feature that comes with these devices is the wireless connection that ensures you get all the applications in real time when grilling meat.

For most of the Bluetooth meat thermometer on the market, you can customize the notifications and the temperature according to preference and, may be instructions from the cookbook. However, the ability to get notifications ensures that you cook the meat appropriately, and it saves you much time that you would typically spend moving from one place to the other.

All the above Bluetooth thermometers are good quality, but our favorite is Maverick ET-735 Wireless BBQ Turkey Thermometer. The thermometer is user-friendly, has a good range, and the smartphone application has a clear and user-friendly interface. Happy grilling, folks!

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