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10 Best Portable Blender for Travel

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A portable blender is a small tool that helps to prepare smoothies and other drinks. It has been proved to be useful when you go hiking, traveling, and other outdoor activities.

Typically, it takes a few minutes to prepare your drinks because of the high speed of the blade. To those who love smoothies, this is the right tool to have.

Quick List:

1. TenswallUSB Rechargeable – best portable blenders

Top 10 best portable blender for travel

The portable blender for travel comes from the famous quality manufacturer Tenswall. It is a compact and easy-to-use device that has already secured numerous top ratings. For example, it has a self-cleaning mode,which is time-saving.

You simply have to fill the container and screw the lid with the mixer knives on it. Then put the whole thing on the base station and press the start button. When you crush the contents, release the button, and unscrew the container.

Similarly, this blender has the right dimension, which is pleasantly compact and finds space even in a small area. The 400 watt motor of the blender causes the six stainless steel blades to reach 22,000 revolutions per minute.

The Tenswall device can shred even ice cubes and nuts. So it should not be a problem to prepare a wide variety of drinks and shakes.

The container of the blender has enough space, which can support about 15 to 20 cups. This is a more powerful blender than the ordinary portable mixer, which is perfect for making green fruit, milkshake, smoothie, juice, baby food, and a protein shake.

When you have finished your blending, you can either drink it right away or take it with you to enjoy it on your journey.

You do not even have to transfer the drink to do this because it comes with a unique travel lid you use it to turn the mixer container into a practical drinking bottle.

The design of the smoothie device, which allows easy and quick cleaning, is also functional. All components that come into contact with food can be easily disassembled and dismantled.

2. PopBabiesRechargeable -Best USB personal portable travel blender

PopBabiesRechargeable USB Portable Personal Blender

When it comes to good blenders, a model from the manufacturer PopBabies should not be missing.

Here, we have a compact and light device in front of us, with which you can quickly and easily prepare drinks according to your wishes.

It is a blender that was developed primarily for the production of smoothies. This model does an excellent job when it comes to making milkshakes, smoothies, juice, baby food, and more.

The steel motor has an output of 175 watts, and the blades rotate up to 22,000 times per minute. There is the USB rechargeable, which helps to power this blender.

Likewise, it is portable and lightweight, which means you can carry it anywhere you want to go.

The blade unit consists of four stainless steel blades that are rustproof and durable. According to the manufacturer and user opinion, the knives can easily take on ingredients such as nuts and ice cubes and shred them in no time.

This gives you great flexibility in the preparation of individual smoothies and a protein shake. For this model, you have a high-speed level at your disposal. When you are through, just take the bottle off.

With this good blender for travel, you get not just one but two bottles made of BPA-free food-grade material. So you can prepare two different smoothies and take them with you.

There is a matching lid with a drinking opening for each bottle. Each container has a volume of 17oz for the bottle size, which is more significant than many blender brands.

You can wash the blender jugs by hand or put them in the dishwasher. So you do not have much work with this blender for travel.

3. TOPQSC USB Brown – Rechargeable Portable travel blender

Personal Portable Blender

The last entry on the list for the best propane gas grill under $300 is the Royal Gourmet Grill. As the name suggests the grill will offer you a royal experience to BBQ’ing.

This grill again packs some immense heating power with 6 burners in total; you will get 71,000 BTUs including the side burner option.

This is some pretty intense heat, which will easily serve a large or medium-sized family or someone who tends to throw BBQ parties a lot.

In addition to the heat, the grill offers a large cooking space, warming, and storage space too. The exterior is done in stainless steel which does not let dirt show up as quickly as it does on some other finishes available in the market.

Another best and affordable blender is this product from TOPQSC. It is a to-go stand model, which has secured numerous excellent customer reviews.

It is a comparatively, inexpensive device that comes with two drinking bottles. It has a powerful 126-watt motor that produces up to 16,500 revolutions of the blades per minute.

You also get a single tempo level here. You can activate the rotation by pressing and holding the device start button.

The blades of this good blender for travel have a stainless steel material. There are a total of four knives in the blade block, which, according to the manufacturer, chop up almost everything you put in it.

Accordingly, nuts, frozen fruits, and ice cubes are no problem. The 10 to 15 cups that you get with your portable blender will be well mixed, producing a quality mix.

Here, too, you get to-go lids and can prepare more liters of smoothies at a time and take them anywhere. There is durable borosilicate glass, which is thermal shock, durable, and heat-resistant.

TOPQSC, like other good manufacturers, has equipped the quality blender with BPA-free materials, so you do not have to worry about this.

Other features of this small blender include the safety device that comes into play when the blade unit is not properly screwed on. In this case, the quality travel blender would simply not start.

Besides, it has non-slip feet that make preparation easier. The cleaning of all components of the mixer takes less time after use. This blender is portable and small in size in that it can fit in a briefcase gym bag, purse, and more.

4. Hamilton Beach 51101AV – portable blenders for smoothies

Hamilton Personal Black Blender

Hamilton Beach also contributed to the introduction of the portable blender for travel. It is a small and light blender that helps in the production of smoothies.

However, if you read through the opinions of other users, you will quickly realize that it is also suitable for different purposes.

For example, you can use it to prepare baby formula, salad dressing, marinades, and more. Since the blades of the blender are sturdy, they can also crush ice cubes, make healthy shakes of all kinds and make hot summer days more bearable.

With this model, you get two robust plastic bottles that are free of BPA, which make it the best for office, travel, and home. Each bottle fits 14 ounces.

As with most of the other products in our smoothie maker comparison, you screw the blade block onto the containers with this device and then plug the entire construction onto the motor station.

You activate the rotation at the push of a button and must keep the button pressed until your smoothie is ready. The stainless steel blades are strong enough, which is best for ice crushing hence ensuring smooth results.

The motor of the smoothie machine has an output of 175 watts that make the performance reliable and perfect. The weight is very light, which is easy to carry. The motor has a stainless steel casing, which can withstand the pressure during the process of blending.

Additional features are an anti-slip stand that makes mixing easy and comfortable free from slipping off. You can clean the bottles at use in the dishwasher, and you can rinse the blade unit can be easily within a few seconds.

Also, this good blender for travel comes with a lid that you can use it to drink your smoothie instead of taking time to clean a cup to cater for the same purpose.

5. Keyton21oz Single – Top-rated portable blenders

Single Sports Personal Blender

A good portable blender, according to users, is also the Keyton model, which is outstanding. In terms of price, this small blender is in the lower middle range.

Despite the comparatively low cost, buyers get a quality product here that satisfies users across the board. This product has many excellent reviews that make it popular.

It is a compact and easy to use device with a 300-watt motor. This motor causes the four stainless steel blades to spin many times in a minute.

To activate the device, you have to screw the blade unit onto the bottle and then turn it onto the engine block. Then start the rotation at the push of a button and wait a few seconds until everything has mixed to form a fine mass.

The matching lid is part of the delivery, which makes it easy when you want to drink your smoothie if you do not have a cup.

Also, with the help of the lid, the container can be transformed into a to-go bottle. It facilitates quick and easy smoothie production.

The bottle of this good blender for travel has a large volume and, according to the manufacturer, is entirely free of BPA. The container is dishwasher safe, and you can wash the blade block under the tap in a matter of seconds.

So there is not much work waiting for you if you want to prepare smoothies and other dishes regularly. According to the manufacturer, the unbreakable and robust bottle can withstand high temperatures.

The advantage of the bottle material is that it is heat-resistant.

6. Cuisinart CPB-300 – Top rated portable travel blender

Cuisinart Portable Black Blender

With the Cuisinart blender for travel, we want to introduce you to a model that initially stands out due to its effectiveness when it comes to function.

This light blender for travel is an eye-catcher in every kitchen and, at the same time, finds space in a small area. The blade block of this mini blender consists of a patented ultra-sharp made of rustproof and durable stainless steel.

To make it work, as with the other mixers, screw the blade block onto the bottle.

The Cuisinart blender has a USB interface that helps in charging. This gives you many different charging options when the battery is running low.

In everyday life, this means that you can take the blender with you almost anywhere, for example, if you want to enjoy delicious smoothies or prepare fresh baby food.

You can see what the battery level looks like from the integrated lights. There is three function control touchpad that has the LED indicator lights, which are easy to read, clean, and use. Blue LED lights indicate the speed you are using.

The bottle of the blender is also exceptional. The container used is made of borosilicate glass, which is of high quality and durable.

According to the manufacturer, you can fill ingredients with different temperature degrees in the container without fear of damage.

This enables you to use a wide range of applications. After use, close the bottle with the associated lid and now have a practical drinking bottle to take away.

The motor base has heavy-duty material, which is stable and sturdy. There is a compact 350-watt motor that makes the blending process fast and easy.

7. Little bees USB Electric – High Quality portable blender for travel

Little Safety Juicer Cup Blender

The blender from Little bees is particularly powerful. You can use the device to process fruits, fruits, and vegetables into a healthy smoothie or to make warm soups.

The blender comes with a motor that has high watts and generating more revolutions per minute. In contrast to most other versions in the blender comparison, this model has several speed levels and modes.

In terms of dimensions, it is 10 x 2.64 x 3.23 inches, which is larger than most other devices in comparison.

The blade block of the Little bees good blender for travel consists of six stainless steel blades of different sizes. According to the manufacturer, the knife blades can take on almost any ingredient – whether fruit, vegetables, nuts, or ice cubes.

Also, cleaning the blender should be very simple because most of the parts are dishwasher safe, and for you, this means very little work with your smoothie maker.

It comes with a USB interface, which makes it rechargeable in case the power has drained away. It is portable and has a small size, which makes it easy to fit in the gift box if you are camping, traveling, or in an office.

The container of this mixer model is made of scratch-resistant glass and has a volume of 420 ml. So here you can prepare smoothies for your family.

A unique feature of this container is that the knife block is not attached exactly centrally. According to the manufacturer, this should ensure particularly good flow optimization and provide consistent results.

Due to the high-quality glass, you can also add hot ingredients to the blender and use it to prepare soups, for example. It is multi-function, which means you can use to make juice, milkshakes, baby food, and smoothies, among others.

8.  Hamilton Beach – A light weight portable travel blender

Hamilton Beach Portable Blender

This model is the best portable blender for travel from the manufacturer Hamilton. It is a comparatively inexpensive device that satisfies the majority of users across the board.

The mixer has a motor with an output that is high and works at numerous revolutions per minute. The dimensions of the quality travel blender are 4.77 x 4.75 x 10.26 inches, which offer enough space to hold enough drinks.

This space is enough to create more fruit smoothies, shakes, icy drinks, and more for your family or your friends. The portable travel cup has measuring marks on its side, and also it can fit many portable travel cups to ensure secure and safe transport.

To shred the contents in the container, attach the knives up here and then turn the bottle into the base station. You can only start the blender when the box has clicked into place.

The mixer bottle has a capacity of 14 oz and thus offers plenty of space for your smoothies and shakes. The stainless steel knives are rustproof and, according to the manufacturer, also take on ice cubes.

You can use this portable blender to prepare a wide variety of creations and even puree vegetables for baby food.

After you are through with the preparation, you can close the bottle with a separate lid and take it with you. The top has a practical handle that makes transportation easier.

Also, the cover can work like the drinking cup when you are on an outdoor activity. All parts from the blender can be removed, making it suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher, saving you a lot of effort in the long term.

It is non-slip, which makes it easy to blend your smoothie without slipping hence preventing the accident from pouring the drink.

9. XML USB Rechargeable – Pink colored portable travel blender

USB Rechargeable Portable Blender

This XMX portable blender is a large blender that you can use to shred anything. This blender has high output watts, which makes this model one of the most powerful devices in the blender comparison.

Together with the high performance, you get a model of energy efficiency. This means that the device has a comparatively low power consumption.

The motor of the blender produces numerous revolutions per minute, and according to the manufacturer, you can prepare all drinks within no time.

The blade unit consists of six stainless steel blades, and this is also helpful for quick and thorough shredding. To make the knives work, place the blender on the engine block and close the lid.

The lid has a pestle, which you can use to add the ingredients in the container or to add additional ingredients during operation. The box of the blender device has food-grade material, which does not need BPA at all.

The cup has 0.6mm thick, which makes it durable and thick, and cannot break or deform easily.

The volume of the mixing container has a large carrying capacity. In contrast to other lenders, the cup of the mixer can be converted into a drinking bottle when you go for outdoor activities.

So you need a separate container to take your smoothies with you. The features of this quality travel blender include the safety function.

If you place the box is wrongly on the motor unit, the mixer will not switch on. As far as cleaning is concerned, you don’t have to worry about a lot of effort.

You can use the pulse function to pre-clean the device. All parts that come into contact with food are easy to rinse and dry. You can also put the blender jug ​​in the dishwasher.

10. La Reveuse Smoothies Dishwasher – Top rated portable travel blender

Safe Portable Blender

Different from other brands, this La Reveuseis a classic blender that was not only specially developed for smoothie production.

This is also a device with a power rating of 300 watts, which takes on all challenges. It is suitable not only for smoothie preparation, but also for making shakes, for preparing shakes, salad dressings, baby formula, and more. For vegetables, fruit, carrot, and even pulverize ice crushing, you can use this versatile model.

The container of this blender has a capacity of550 ml. So there is plenty of space to blend more juice. You don’t have to worry about BPA here either, because all materials that come into contact with food are entirely free of biphenyl.

This model has different speed levels that making blending fast and easy. Operation is effortless because you only have to press down and then twist a bottle by clicking into a locked place.

These features enable you to prepare a wide variety of dishes within a minute.

The features of the smoothie maker include the security function. This prevents the mixer from starting if the lid of the container if is not in a light position.

Splashing ingredients are not to be feared here. All removable parts are suitable for the dishwasher. But the La Reveusequality travel blender for travel also has a self-cleaning program.

Simply fill the container with water and a little gentle detergent, close the lid, and start the cleaning program. The quick movement of the knives makes the inside of the container sparkling clean in no time.

Where can I buy a Portable blender?

If you are looking for the best portable blenders, you have many buy options. For example, many electronics retailers offer a selection of quality travel blender devices, and also versatile department stores sell to their household departments. Even supermarkets now and then provide leaders for purchase.

Not to be forgotten, are numerous online retailers who also have portable blenders for travel in their stores. However, not only the large selection speaks for the online purchase, but even better prices.

The high competition of online providers benefits consumers because retailers will attract buyers’ attention with low prices, among other things. But generally, there are different places you can buy a portable blender.

Why Did People like these portable USB blenders?

They are small and portable

The main reason why people loved these USB blenders is because of their small size and portability. Since most kitchens have inadequate space, many homeowners go for the device that makes their job easier. These blenders are easy to store because they do not take up much space when cooking. The mixer also comes with detachable shafts making it easy to store.

They are versatile

One of the characteristics that make people go for these blenders is their versatility. If you need to stir the soup or prepare a quick sauce, the work is made easier with these devices. The devices also facilitate the preparation of many dishes, like soups.

Has quiet operation

These blenders are quiet when in operation. The stirring motor is encased in a handle where when starting the blender, it rotates the stainless steel rod in the wand. Consequently, all engine noise remains in the casing, leaving the device very quiet.

Blending takes a few minutes

The blending activities will be easier if you have the right equipment. These quality travel blenders are ideal models that simplify the work by taking few minutes, especially when in good condition. They whip churns and blend food items correctly.

How to get the most out of a portable blender?

To get the best from the portable blender, you need to do the following:

  • Fill in the hardest ingredients first in the container, and on top of that is the softer ingredients. If you flip the bottle over while shredding, the delicateelements end up with the blades.
  • Never fill the bottle to the brim with ingredients, but leave a little space. This makes it easier for the blades to shred everything because the components will rotate better.
  • It is not easy to get the right consistency. If the smoothies are too viscous, it will be harder to drink after preparation. In such a case, just add a little liquid until the consistency is right.
  • If you let your finished smoothie stops for a while, you should shake it well before drinking. In this way, the different ingredients combine again.
  • Always try out new ingredients during the preparation and implement an all-round healthy lifestyle with a varied diet. This is because, if you mix the same smoothie, again and again, you may lack specific vitamins and nutrients in the long run.


With the portable blender for travel, there is full confidence when you want to prepare smoothies, shakers, and vegetable juices, among others.

The exciting thing about this blender is that it is easy to use and takes a few minutes to prepare the drinks. You can carry it in the car, office, camp, class, and other places where you want to make your smoothies.

Besides, there are different brands in the market with various features. For example, Little bees portable blender has features like six stainless steel blades and scratch-resistant glass.

Typically, the good mixer for travel has built-in batteries that are rechargeable. High speed helps to save time when you are preparing juice.

Also, this speed breaks ice cubes and frozen fruits into liquid form very quickly when making a juice. When choosing the best light blender for travel, go for these products because their best services are guaranteed.

10 Best Portable Blender for Travel

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