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Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer Review 2023

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The Chef’s Choice 615A Premium Food Slicer is manufactured by the EdgeCraft Corporation under the Chef’s Choice brand to give its customer both commercial and home usage facility.

No matter what your slicing needs are, this slicer will prove efficient in every work. Built for heavy duty job this slicer can perfectly able to slice your game meat or large quantity of meat for your restaurant daily.

With its cast aluminum and stainless steel housing, this slicer will give you long durability with high efficiency.

This tilt fashioned slicer with effective features can become your perfect slicing companion as it comes with 1-year limited warranty.

Chef’s Choice 615A electric meat slicerg Device:

chefs choice 615A electric meat slicer review
  • Overview: With this 651 Chef’s Choice Slicer you can not only slice bread but also all kind of foods including bread and cheese. The food carriage has a tilt fashion so that any large item can be sliced easily at faster speed. Also, cantilever technology is used in this slicer to give you efficient work and easy cleaning. The high-torque electric motor runs cool without overheating and gives you heavy duty work flow effortlessly.
  • Pros: The 7 inches of diameter of the stainless steel blade, tilted carriage, cast aluminum body, cantilever feature, high-torque motor each of them are the pros of this Chef’s Choice 615a premium food slicer.
  • Cons: Some people face the problem while adjusting the slicing knob and they felt it has a heavy weight and large foot print for storing.
  • Key feature: The key feature of the Chef’s Choice 615a food slicer is the cantilever fashion of the slicer that makes it easy to use and clean. The tilt food carriage is also an important feature for the users for fast slicing.
  • Verdict:This food slicer from Chef’s choice is manufactured for heavy-duty usage, so in case you want a slicer for normal slicing then it is not at all suitable for you. Though I will recommend this product for the customers who are in need of a durable yet efficient heavy-duty food slicer.

Key Features Of The Chef’s Choice 615A electric meat slicer:

  • Structure: The food slicer is made of cast aluminum housing which means the product is completely resistant to corrosion, hence will be highly durable. The slicing blade is more vulnerable to rusts as it got exposed to water and food particles all the time. That is why the manufacturer has made it of stainless steel to enhance its longevity.
  • Strong Motor: The 120 watts of cool running high torque motor is packed with reliable gear drives so that you can experience a smooth food slicing experience. The cool running feature does not let your motor to get overheat when used for a longer period. Clearly, you can use the slicer for a longer time and for larger slicing requirements without worrying about its motor.
  • Angled Carriage And Cantilever Feature: The tilted extra large food carriage helps you in slicing large amount of meat like roasts, hams, other foods with ease and faster. The cantilever feature of the meat slicer gives the slicer efficient slicing ability and easy to clean feature.
  • Steel Blade With Size Adjustment:The multipurpose stainless steel blade with 7 inches thickness can cut your food according to your choice as the slicing thickness adjustment knob of the meat cutter machine can let you adjust your food thickness from deli thin to nearly ¾ inches thick. Also, there is a special button that secures the food carriage in lock position so that it can limit access to blade when the food slicer is not in use.
  • Suction Feet: Certainly while slicing hard meat the motor will need more power and the slicer will be in its full power, so in that case, if the slicer is placed on a table top, it can slide. To avoid such risk the manufacturer has given suction cup feet which keeps the slicer intact in its place and also protect the working surface.
  • Easy Cleaning: The manufacturer has given importance to the cleaning of the product that is why cantilever feature is added. The stainless steel blade, food carriage, food deflector food pusher, and thickness guide plate all can be removed easily for cleaning.

Important Points To Note:

You can avail the product from online or local stores easily. To avail it from online, you can visit Amazon.

  1. The delivery period is usually between 7-10 business days. Though, Amazon gives delivery within 2 days in some cases with certain conditions.
  2. The product is eligible for free shipping.

Final Verdict:

There is no doubt that the Chef’s choice 615A 615A electric meat slicer has all the important features that a food slicer should have. Though apart from that it is packed with other essential features which will make your slicing smoother and faster.

Built especially for large meat slicing and food slicing job I will certainly recommend this product to the customers who are in need of a food slicer for the huge amount of slicing requirements each day.

Other than that this slicer is not recommended to the home owners apart from the hunter families.

Chef's Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer Review 2023

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