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How to Clean a Meat Grinder Perfectly?

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So for your last house party, you decided to set up the dining table with some of your most delicious mince-meat pies?

Did you get yourself a meat grinder with the intention of churning out healthy and nutritious minced meat, because, let us face it, the ground meat found in stores is often laced with preservatives and chemicals?

Well, while the meat you minced turned out great, and everyone complimented you on your pie, the great question of how to clean the meat grinder has begun to trouble you.


The issues could be similar if you purchased any of the commercial meat grinders. Let us look at a few tips that could help you understand the best ways to clean your meat grinder.

how to clean meat grinders

Dry Cleaning with Bread

Whether your meat grinder is hand-operated or electric, it should necessarily contain a feeder tube through which you are required to pass the larger chunks of meat that eventually are grounded by the machine. After the meat has been ground, carry out the following steps to ensure loose pieces of meat and some portions of oil remaining behind in the machine are immediately taken care of.

  • Break some bread slices (any kind of bread is fine, including stale leftovers) into pieces that could fit through the feeder tube
  • Pass the pieces of bread through the feeder tube, the same way you would pass the raw meat
  • Operate the grinder as usual. At this point, the pieces of bread begin to soak up some of the oil and moisture left behind by the meat that was previously ground

Tip: While this step is not mandatory, it could make your life a lot easier before you start cleaning with soap and water.

Disintegrating the Machine

The type and number of parts that a meat grinder has may vary with brands, and it also depends on whether it is a manual meat grinder or an electric meat grinder. Either way, there are a few parts that are common to every machine, those are, the feeder tube, the blade, screws, plate, and meat tray. Ensure you disassemble each of these parts, and any other parts that you find are possible to remove.

Soaking the Machine Parts

Meat has a lot of natural greases, and although cleaning with bread might help remove some of it, yet a lot of it still remains that have to be soaked in a cleanser for at least an hour.

Follow these steps to prepare the cleaning liquid, and to soak the loose parts of the machine.

  1. In a big bowl, fill warm water (the temperature of the water should not be boiling, but such that you could comfortably touch with your fingers)
  2. Add detergent (the amount depends on the type of detergent you use, but as a general rule add more than you would use for your regular dishes)
  3. Immerse the parts that you previously took apart into this solution, and let them sit for an hour

Tip: Do not soak the motor if you have an electric meat grinder, as it could result in the damage of the motor.

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The Actual Cleaning

After soaking comes the real fun part – cleaning the parts. It is, however, not as difficult as it may first seem. Follow the easy process below.

  1. Use a simple dishwashing sponge to wipe any grime or grease from the parts. If it seems difficult to remove the stain, you could use a scrub.
  2. Be careful when you handle the blade, as it is sharp enough to cause you a major cut.
  3. Rinse all the parts carefully and thoroughly under running water

Drying and Storing

With meat grinders, the process of maintenance does not end with cleaning. In order to ensure longevity and ease of future use, it is a requirement that you learn to store the parts well. Here are a few steps to follow.

  • Immediately after you have rinsed the parts with water, be sure to dry them well with a paper towel. If you delay this step, there is a high possibility that the machine parts would catch rust, rendering them useless
  • Once you have ensured all the parts have completely dried, coat them with a spray of any form of cooking oil. This is another surefire way of preventing corrosion
  • Store each part separately in a sealed bag. It is not essential to store the bags in a freezer, as goes popular belief, however, you could do it to quicken the grinding process the next time, on account of using a cold blade.

Cleaning the Motor

If using an electric machine, which is the most common type for commercial meat grinders, you need to clean the motor separately using a damp cloth or towel. If there is grease stuck to the body of the motor, use a towel soaked in soapy water, and dab on the body cautiously, making sure you do not wet any wires or loose ends in the process.

Reusing the Sealed Parts

The next time you decide to grind meat, place every part of the machine on the counter, and follow the steps.

  1. Prepare a bleaching solution (you may buy one from the store, or prepare your own using chlorine)
  2. Rinse the grinder parts with the bleaching solution or use a spray
  3. Dry the parts well before assembling them back to the machine
  4. Grind away fresh meat happily

Eat Delicious, Stay Healthy

Through effective use of a meat grinder, you could not just be a hit at your next party, but also ensure your family gets to eat healthy and tasty food every time you decide to make meatballs or nachos. In this day and age of toxins and pollutants, it has become important to eliminate as many chemicals as possible and eat a wholesome and natural diet.

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The cleaning process of a meat grinder may seem a daunting task at first, but once you get a hang of the process, it really is a set of simple steps to follow, which, with time, could fall into your routine. One important thing to ensure is that no matter how pressed for time you are after cooking, it is absolutely mandatory to clean the grinder after every use, as leaving the machine uncared for, with pieces of raw meat inside, could potentially give rise to harmful bacteria.

By incorporating these few simple tips, you and your family could enjoy consistently good food as part of a holistic living approach.

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