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Best Gas Grills Under $100 – Unbiased Review of 2022

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Hungry for BBQ but low on budget? We have in store a solution to all your hunger and budget issues; the best gas grill under $100! Choosing a perfect gas grill specifically when you are low on budget can be pretty difficult a task. Especially when the price range determines the quality and the features in the grill you will buy.

However, to lessen the worry and effort for you, we have compiled a list of the top BBQ gas grills you can get in the market, that too for as low as $100! So what is the wait, tag along to enjoy a delicious BBQ in the end!

Best Gas Grills Under $100 Reviews

1. Cuisinart CGG-059 – Portable Gas Grill under $100

Best Gas Grills Under $100 - Unbiased Review of 2022

Best Gas Grills Under $100 - Unbiased Review of 2022

Shaped like a stylish briefcase this grill is the best portable gas grill under $100 on our list. Our first time trying this grill was simply amazing. In addition to its unique design, the functionality of the grill is pretty simple too. Not once did we saw the need to seek help to operate or clean the grill when we used it. Even the assembly time was a mere five minutes, which is awesome in itself.

The grill will heat up to 600 degrees and its dishwasher safe grate can be tossed into the dishwasher, removing the need for you to get your hands dirty. You might think given the size of the grill, that it may not be enough for a small group, in fact, it can easily serve eight people in a single go. So toss your juicy steaks or grill your burgers all at the same time on the grill surface provided.


Three wall design – In order the 8000 BTU heat produced within the grill, the grill comes with a hinged lid supported by a three walls design. The outer coat is characterized by stainless steel. This ensures that the grill is corrosion free and can be used outdoors whenever you like. The multiple layers will retain the heat in the grill longer and give you the intense BBQ flavor you are looking for.

Compact design – Its briefcase outlook, lightweight and portability are above par in the market. If you are a person on the go, then you will not find a better sleek and portable grill in the market. It weighs a mere 10 pounds, featuring a locking lid with foldable legs and a handle to carry it. A piece of perfect equipment to fulfill your BBQ desires when en route!

Easy assembly – You might think given its streamlined design and folding options, the grill might be tricky and time-consuming to set up. Well, you are wrong! It will only take 5 to 10 minutes to set up the thing and get started with BBQ’ing. It does not require you to follow lengthy user manuals for assembly. You can set it up on your balcony, at a picnic or on the beach and enjoy grilling.

Push-button Ignition – What’s more to the nifty little grill is its push-button ignition. You can use a 1lb. propane tank or a 20 lb. propane tank with an adapter to get the grill firing.

If you do not want complexity and are looking for an easy way out to grilling, CuisinartGrillster is the best you can get. Not only is the grill portable, but its grate is also dishwasher safe, the assembly time is a max of 5 minutes, what else can one ask for in $100!

2. Char- Broil Standard Portable Gas Grill

Best Gas Grills Under $100 - Unbiased Review of 2022
Best Gas Grills Under $100 - Unbiased Review of 2022

The next entry on the list is the portable gas grill by Char-Broil. The most basic grill on the list with the basic features for operation for your ease. The grill will not come loaded with features, neither will you have ample cooking area, yet its simplistic nature and the amazing price tag is something worth a try.
It might not be as portable as those discussed earlier, but it does provide a lightweight solution to your grilling problems. You will find it easy to put together, and the grill comes with a removable lid. The outer body is majorly stainless steel to prevent it from rusting. Therefore you can use the grill for outdoor purposes too. As stated earlier, the grill does not come loaded with features, however, you will find the following few basic functions in this grill by Char-Broiler.


On the go grill – If you happen to like BBQ even when you hit the road, you will not get a better option than this basic grill. You can carry this nifty grill in the trunk of your car, or simply put it in your luggage when you hit the road. The grill is portable and you can carry it easily, without fearing for the weight.

High BTUs –The heating will not be a problem with this grill. It comes loaded with a capacity of 11,000 BTU over a single burner. So the grill heats up fast and the heat sears evenly through the grill, getting your meat done in the right manner. The grate is dishwasher safe, so you do not need to get your hands dirty with the post BBQ clean up.

Indirect Heating – The grill in addition to intense heat provides the option for indirect heating of the meat. You can grill your sandwiches and steaks with a medium flame, the indirect heating work when you close the lid and let the heat circulate within the grill.

Folding legs – The grill is small and comes with foldable legs which add to the portability factor.

You may give this entry a try if you are looking for a simple one-man the basic grill. You will not get many features here, and the outer body may also be not a robust one. But if you are someone to use the grill every once in a while, then you might give this a try.

3. Flame King RV – Gas Grill for Outdoor under $100

Best Gas Grills Under $100 - Unbiased Review of 2022

Best Gas Grills Under $100 - Unbiased Review of 2022

If you are someone who lusts adventure or someone who resides in a recreational vehicle and a fan of BBQ, then this Flame King grill is your best buddy. In addition to its sleek outlook, the grill comes with brackets that allow you to mount it on your motorhome and enjoy the delicious BBQ when you hit your adventures. Given its supreme functionality and features, this grill can be easily classified as the best portable gas grill under $100 in the market. However, if you are not up for hanging the grill, you can always let go of the brackets and make use of it as a standalone system outside your trailer, how awesome is that!

Family trips get more exciting when you have the Flame King on board. You can BBQ on the way, or simply find a beautiful spot and get grilling. The grill has enough capacity to serve 4 to 5 people in a single go. You might have to attach the grill to the trailer propane gas connection, but the flavor and the taste of the BBQ will not be compromised. Plus you do not really need to understand some complex instructions to set up the grill it comes with a handy user manual that will walk you through the entire process in no time.


The bracket system – The brackets which come along with the grill allow it to be used dually. You can either unfold the legs to use the grill as a standalone. However, if you are not comfortable with the height or have discomfort in bending, then you can always adjust the grill to your RV using the bracket system. This way you can grill in a comfortable state to your heart’s content.

Efficient Heating mechanism – The heating system of the grill is of top-notch quality. When trying it out we found it took less time comparatively for heating and the heat was distributed evenly throughout the grill. With the capability of up to 16,000 BTU, this small unit packs a lot of power and boost for some succulent grilling action.
Dual locking Lid –This feature protects the inner elements of the grill from damage. When not in use you can simply lock the grill and this will cover the inner structure and prevent it from getting tarnished. This also aids in carrying the grill from one spot to another.

When testing out this grill, the only stingy thing was assembling the grill. It took us slightly more time to assemble in comparison to the other grills mentioned on the list. Other than this the grill became our absolute favorite, effectively getting steaks done for 4 to 5 people in no time. So if you are thinking to hit the roads with your trailer, then you will not have a better option in the market than this grill.


This brings us to the end of our list for the best cheap gas grills under $100. Do try these out and let us know of your experiences. Depending on your needs and the budget constraints, you can opt for any of the grills mentioned here. However, we recommend the Cuisinart Gourmet grill. The grill is fantastic when it comes to grilling, plus its design adorned in red adds perfect aesthetic beauty to your mini BBQ party. However, depending on your requirements you may choose a different grill, as none of them will disappoint you, trust us on this!

Plus you can always ask for a second or third opinion before you settle to make a purchase for the grill. Till then stay tuned for more reviews on BBQ grills coming your way!

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Best Gas Grills Under $100 - Unbiased Review of 2022

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