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meat your maker grinder reviews

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When it comes to preparing meat at home, having the right tools can make all the difference in achieving the desired results. One company that has gained a reputation for its innovative and high-quality meat processing equipment is “Meat Your Maker.” In this post about meat your maker grinder reviews, I shall discuss top Meat Your Maker grinders, examining their features, performance, and overall value for home meat enthusiasts.

Meat Your Maker grinders are known for their robust construction, built to withstand heavy-duty usage and provide reliable performance. The grinders feature a durable stainless steel body and components, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The thoughtful design elements, such as sturdy handles and ergonomic controls, make them easy to operate and handle, even when processing large quantities of meat. So,  let us dig deep into these grinders’ details. 

Meat Your Maker Grinder Reviews

Meat Your Maker is a reputable company that sells high-end commercial-grade tools at affordable prices. They know what you’re looking for because they’re meat eaters too, and they only bring you the best. Because they sell their meat processing equipment directly to customers via their website, the price of their grinders is comparatively low. There isn’t a middleman store that can find the lowest possible price for you.

Their items are of high quality and they offer a solid guarantee, despite their inexpensive cost. Grinders come with warranties that guarantee they’ll fix any issues you have free of charge.

Meat Your Maker 1.5 HP Grinder (# 32)

Meat Your Maker 1.5 HP Grinder is a powerful and durable appliance suitable for individuals or businesses that require a high-quality meat grinder. It offers excellent performance and versatility, but potential buyers should consider the size, noise level, price, and maintenance requirements before making a purchase decision.

Powerful Motor

The 1.5 HP motor of the Meat Your Maker grinder provides a strong grinding force, allowing you to process large quantities of meat quickly and efficiently. It ensures smooth operation even when dealing with tough cuts of meat or bones.

Durable Construction

This grinder is built to last. It features a robust construction with high-quality materials, such as stainless steel components, that are resistant to corrosion and wear. The sturdy build ensures long-term reliability, making it suitable for both home and commercial use.


The Meat Your Maker grinder offers versatile functionality, allowing you to grind various types of meat, including beef, pork, chicken, and more. It can handle different textures, from fine to coarse, depending on your preferences or recipe requirements. This versatility enables you to experiment with different ground meat recipes and explore a range of culinary options.

Easy to Use

The grinder is designed with user convenience in mind. It typically features simple controls, making it easy to operate, even for beginners. Additionally, it often comes with intuitive assembling and disassembling mechanisms, facilitating hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • User friendly
  • Grinds 18 lbs of meat in a minute
  • Comes with coarse and fine grinding plates


  • Expensive

Meat Your Maker 0.5 Hp Grinder (# 8)

Motor power

One of the most reliable products from Meat Your Maker is the.5 HP Meat Grinder. Whether you’re using deer, elk, or beef, the.5 HP Powerful Motor will make quick work of grinding the meat. The grinder’s body and grinding plates are both composed of stainless steel, so you won’t have any issues with rust or corrosion. Heavy loads won’t be a problem because it has a grinding capacity of 4-6 pounds per minute.


The grinder’s overall quality is high, thanks to its precision-engineered gears; for such a low price, you receive equipment fit for a professional. The fact that this grinder operates quietly is a bonus. As a result, the meat-grinding process should be less distracting.

Lifetime warranty

Meat Your Maker backs this multifunctional machine with a limited lifetime warranty. All of their gear is high quality and error-free, but it is still electrical and subject to wear and tear. Don’t fret, though; your grinders come with a warranty that you can cash in whenever it suits you. Within the time frame of the warranty, you can have it fixed at no cost to you.


Furthermore, this offer includes complimentary extras. It has a stainless steel stuffing plate and three stuffing tubes for sausage, as well as a stainless steel coarse and fine grinding plate. In addition, there is a convenient accessory drawer for neat storage.


  • Works very quietly
  • Grinds up to 5.5 pounds of meat per minute
  • Durable
  • User friendly


  • Difficult to clean due to large size

Meat Your Maker .75 Hp Grinder (#12)

This machine is ideal for you if you frequently grind large quantities of meat and need to do it quickly and easily.

Suitable for large amounts of meat

The Meat Your Maker meat grinder is a fantastic piece of engineering, suitable for grinding massive amounts of meat, that introduces the most cutting-edge technology, including its unique technology, to amaze you in every way. With the Meat your maker meat grinder 12, you can ground meat without worrying about it getting too hot or posing a health risk to your family.

Fast and powerful

This stainless steel meat grinder is fast and powerful. Its improved efficiency is completely unbelievable. Seeing this machine grind efficiently and smoothly is a sight to behold.


One speed is standard on the Meat Your Maker meat grinder #12. It has a single-speed option that allows you to adjust the rate at which it travels. The Meat Your Maker meat grinder, on the other hand, does not feature a reverse switch.

Motor power

The Meat Your Maker meat grinder has a stainless steel blade and a 0.75-horsepower motor that is always well-oiled. Meat Your Maker meat grinder, per usual, doesn’t try to trick its customers by giving generic names to their meat grinders. Deer, moose, or any other fibrous flesh you wish to ground won’t stand a chance against the Incredible power. This electric meat grinder is a powerful appliance that can handle any grinding job.


  • Powerful motor
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use
  • Metal inner gears


  • Heavy

Meat Your Maker 500-watt Grinder (#12)

This compact 500 Watt Meat Grinder from Meat Your Maker is a strong grinder that can sit in your kitchen due to its modest size. However, despite its diminutive size, it is still capable of handling a heavy load, capable of grinding 4 pounds of beef each minute, which is more than plenty for your typical needs.

To make the process of preparing meat in the kitchen easier for you, the meat grinder includes three settings: grinding, stuffing, and reverse. Additionally, it includes certain accessories, such as two grinding plates made of stainless steel (one coarse and one fine), as well as a filling plate made of stainless steel that comes with three stuffing tubes. Also included is a safety filter-overloaded chute that prevents injury to the user’s fingertips.


  • Can grind up to 4 pounds of meat per minute
  • Low noise
  • Three processing features
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Simple to use


  • Customer service is not satisfactory

Meat Your Maker 1 Hp Dual Grind Grinder

The 1 HP Dual Grind Grinder can produce an excellent protein with its stainless steel first grinding plate and optional coarse or fine secondary grinding plate in the same throat. Yes, with just one pass through the grinder, your meat may go from coarse to fine. Stuffing horns, an accessory box for neat storage, and a sturdy carry handle round out the package. 

Even though this little 1HP Meat Grinder doesn’t appear like much, it’s more than capable of handling your next big family barbecue. The grinder’s high-quality stainless steel construction ensures a professional-grade experience every time. This meat grinder has a minute output of 14 lb. You won’t have any trouble chopping up meat, elk, or deer with this sharp blade. In other words, it can take care of everything.


  • Equipped with a foot pedal switch 
  • Comes with three grinding plates
  • Can grind up to 14 lbs of meat per minute
  • Sturdy stainless body


  • Heavy to carry

Meat! Your Maker Grinders Features and Services

High-Quality Grinders

Professionals and connoisseurs alike can purchase high-quality food processing equipment and goods from MEAT! without going through any middlemen. You can trust every piece of MEAT! equipment or product is of the finest quality and built to last. Everyone from the inexperienced hunter to the seasoned butcher can benefit from the resources and knowledge MEAT! provides. 

Shipping and Delivery

There is excellent news for you if you have decided to finally get your very own Meat! Grinder. At MEAT!, shipping is always on the house. For all of their normal ground shipments, they rely on FedEx and the US Postal Service’s logistics services. After placing a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with additional details, such as the expected delivery date and tracking information. Once your order has shipped, you will be able to monitor its delivery status and prepare accordingly.

Change & Return

In case you decide you don’t like your grinder and want to send it back for a refund or exchange, you can do so at any time. If the item is still in its original packing, you can return it at any time. However, buyers are responsible for the cost of shipping and handling any returns or exchanges. Payment for your refund will be made using the same method originally used for payment once we receive your returned item(s).

How to freeze and store ground meat? 

Freezing and storing ground meat properly is crucial to maintain its quality and prevent any food safety concerns. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to freeze and store ground meat:

Choose Fresh Ground Meat

Start with fresh ground meat that is within its expiration date and has been handled and stored properly.

Portion and Shape

Divide the ground meat into smaller portions based on your typical usage or recipe requirements. Shape the portions into flat, compact patties or flatten the meat into a thin layer for easier and quicker thawing.

Package for Freezing

Wrap each portion of ground meat tightly in freezer-safe packaging materials. Options include plastic wrap, freezer bags, or vacuum-sealed bags. Ensure the packaging is airtight and free from any leaks to prevent freezer burn and maintain quality.


Label each package with the date of freezing and any additional information, such as the type of meat or fat content. This will help you identify the ground meat easily and keep track of its storage time.

Freezer Temperature

Make sure your freezer is set at 0°F (-18°C) or below to ensure safe storage and prevent bacterial growth.

Freezing Time

Place the packaged ground meat in the freezer as quickly as possible to promote efficient freezing. Avoid overcrowding the freezer and leave some space around the packages for proper airflow.

Freezer Storage

Store the ground meat in a designated area of the freezer, preferably in a single layer initially to allow for quicker freezing. Once it’s frozen solid, you can stack or organize the packages to maximize space.

Storage Duration

Ground meat should ideally be used within 3-4 months of freezing for the best quality and safety. While it can be stored for longer periods, the texture and flavor may start to deteriorate over time.


When you’re ready to use the frozen ground meat, thaw it safely in the refrigerator. This slow, controlled thawing method helps maintain the quality and reduces the risk of bacterial growth. If you need to thaw it more quickly, you can use the microwave on the defrost setting or the cold-water method (submerging the tightly sealed package in cold water, changing the water every 30 minutes).

Tips to take care of your Meat your maker grinders

Read the Manual 

Familiarize yourself with the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer. The manual will often include essential information about assembly, operation, cleaning, and maintenance specific to your model.

Disassemble and Clean After Each Use

After using the meat grinder, disassemble the parts and clean them thoroughly. Remove any meat residue, grease, or food particles. Wash the removable parts, such as the cutting blade, grinding plate, and feeding tube, with warm soapy water. Ensure that they are entirely dry before reassembling.

Hand Wash Only

Generally, the removable parts of a meat grinder are not dishwasher safe. It is recommended to wash them by hand to prevent damage from harsh detergents, high heat, or agitation in the dishwasher. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for precise cleaning suggestions.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Some meat grinders may have moving parts that require lubrication. Check the manual to determine if your grinder requires lubrication and the recommended lubricant. Apply lubricant to the specified areas as instructed to ensure smooth operation.

Store Properly

When not in use, store the meat grinder in a clean and dry place. Keep it protected from dust, moisture, and any potential damage. Some grinders come with a storage case or bag to keep all the components organized and protected.

Sharpen and Replace Parts

Over time, the cutting blade and grinding plate may become dull or worn out. Check the condition of these parts periodically and sharpen or replace them as needed to ensure efficient grinding results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most adequate way to clean my Meat Your Maker grinder? 

A meat grinder is typically simple to disinfect after use. Disassemble the grinder and wash the cutting blade, grinding plate, and feeding tube in warm, soapy water after each use. Always use the recommended cleaning and maintenance methods recommended by the manufacturer.

Is it safe to use a meat grinder?

If you follow the necessary measures, using a meat grinder is quite safe. Always use the provided pusher or stomper to guide the meat into the grinder, and keep your hands and fingers away from the feeding tube while the machine is running as directed by the manufacturer.

Can I put a meat grinder to use in other ways?

While most meat grinders are only good for grinding meat, some have attachments or features that let you prepare sausages, pasta, or even fruits and vegetables. For further information about your grinder’s features, consult the manual.

Does a meat grinder work for crushing bones?

Despite their name, not all meat grinders can crush bones. It’s crucial to verify the manufacturer’s instructions to see if your grinder has the necessary power and features for grinding bones.

Final Words

Meat Your Maker grinders offer a reliable and efficient solution for home meat preparation, catering to the needs of both occasional cooks and dedicated enthusiasts. With their robust construction, powerful grinding capabilities, and versatile features, these grinders elevate the meat processing experience. 

Whether you’re grinding meat for burgers, sausages, or other recipes, Meat Your Maker grinders deliver consistent results and make the task easier and more enjoyable. If you’re looking to invest in a quality meat grinder for your home kitchen, Meat Your Maker’s range of grinders is certainly worth considering.

I hope that this article: Meat your maker grinder reviews would be of great help to you. 

meat your maker grinder reviews

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