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Troubleshooting Some Common Problems with Electric Meat Grinders

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Do you happen to own an electric meat grinder? Then your culinary life may be full of different food adventures. But alongside those adventures, there might be some troubles too that you have to face. The malfunctioning of the electric meat grinder can be troublesome, and not knowing what to do about it can cause one to pull out their hair in frustration.

Well, you do not have to worry anymore as we bring you today some DIY tips on troubleshooting electric meat grinder. This way you can ensure that your machine works efficiently and does not give you a headache.
Troubleshooting Some Common Problems with Electric Meat Grinders

What can be the issue?

The meat grinders do their job as long as they are maintained and cleaned regularly. Lack of proper maintenance of the appliance may cause it to degrade its performance and provide hassle instead of utility. So, lack of proper care may cause the machine to malfunction.

Another thing that can make the machine malfunction is the leftovers. If you do not properly clean the meat and fat leftovers from the grinder, they will reduce the performance of the grinder. These leftovers get stuck into the machine and ruin the blade if not cleaned on time.

Therefore, proper cleanup of the machine is also a must. Rusting is another common issue, especially for manual metallic grinders. So, before storing the grinder, make sure you have it completely dried out and the place of storage is also free from any moisture.

While these points may seem insignificant, they actually lead to huge disasters when it comes to grinding. So, it is always advised to follow them and rid yourself of any unwanted accidents in the kitchen.

Some Common Problems and Troubleshooting

meat grinder parts

Now, we will discuss a couple of common problems you may face when using the electric grinder and some quick easy solutions you could do to solve them without having to go through the trouble of seeing an electronics expert.

Problem with the head of the grinder

The head of your grinder is one essential component, which helps to push in the meat to the blades. If the head has a problem, this will cause the grinding process to be hampered and disrupted leading to unacceptable results.

To solve this all you need to do is to make sure you clean the head of the grinder properly. If the grinder head is clogged with meat pieces or fats, this may prevent it to push in the meat to the blades and not give you the desired results. So, simply clean up the head well and secure it into the grinder before beginning the process.

Wear and Tear of Blades

One more thing that is highly likely to malfunction is the grinding blade. With electric grinders, you often get a variety of blades to ensure the meat is ground coarsely or finely. These blades can malfunction due to wear and tear caused by adding meat with the bones to the grinder. The bones get stuck and the blades too.

To prevent this degradation in performance due to this, you have to make sure you debone the meat before grinding it. Additionally, you can check the blades and the teeth by removing the casing. If they need a replacement, replace them with the appropriate parts from the market. If you find replacing it a tough task you may contact the repairs person for it.

Friction problem

This could be a menace to your grinder. Grinding frozen meat with an electric grinder can be a tough task in the presence of friction.

You can avoid this by lubricating your grinder with some edible oil. You may lubricate the blade, teeth and the motors, but make sure you do not add too much oil, simply brush it on the parts. You can also solve this by freezing the meat 30 minutes before the grinding process. This will smoothen up the grinding process and also get rid of the dry meat complaint you may have.

The grinder does not switch on

When dealing with electronic stuff this problem arises more times than anyone can think of. There can be multiple reasons why your grinder may not turn on. It could some issue with the socket, the main supply cord, the grinder motors, or simply the grinder itself.

To solve this, make sure you are using the right supply and the cord of the grinder is not twisted or worn out anywhere. If that is the case, get a new cord installed or the current one repaired. If the grinder runs on the battery make sure it is charged. If charging does not do the trick, its time to replace your batteries. Additionally, make sure that the power supply and the battery is rated at the rated voltage of the grinder.

Other Things You Should Keep in Mind

Apart from the troubleshooting tips mentioned above, you can follow the following grinding practices to ensure a long life of your machine:

  • Meat temperature: The meat temperature is essential to the grinding process. Make sure you use cold meat. If the meat is at room temperature it might become mushy and the fat might melt and clog the grinder tunnel and blades, impacting the performance of the machine.
  • Dry meat issue: Dry meat, free from fat may also degrade the grinder performance. If you happen to use the dry meat, it is always good to add some lubricant to it before grinding it. You may use vegetable oil or edible oil for this purpose.


This brings us to the end of the troubleshooting tips for electric meat grinders. Do make sure to follow these tips as they will ensure that your grinder works well and lasts long. In case you are unable to solve the issue or diagnose the cause of the malfunction, you may consult an expert in the field and not mess with the machine yourself. This might make the machine malfunction even more. Follow these tips and let us know if you have more tips to add to this glossary.

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Troubleshooting Some Common Problems with Electric Meat Grinders

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