Best Blender Food Processor Combo

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If you want to prepare food for one person or a group of people, you need the right appliance. This is where the blender food processor combo comes in, for it significantly reduces the time you will use to prepare the recipe. Also, it allows you to make different types of dishes within less time.

Top 5 best blender food processor combo

1. Ninja 400-Watt Blender QB900B Food Processor

Best Blender Food Processor Combo

The product from Ninja is the best blender and food processor that will inspire you with a robust power output of 400 watts and an impressive work of chopping. For instance, it has two sized jars that are easy to use. You can also benefit from the quiet mode, which is particularly useful for early morning use. There is an ergonomic operation that is done by one touch pulsing to create safety and also making it easy to use.

Spilling off the food when preparing it does not happen for it has an anti-spill splash guard that works very well. There is a four-blade and six-blade set that helps to achieve the desired mixing result very quickly. The glass container covers a full capacity of 48 oz. In practice, this means that you can prepare large quantities of food for the whole family in just one work step. The unique design of the glass container can also contribute to better mixing results.

Similarly, this renowned brand manufacturer has thought of a practical way of wipe cleaning, which is done by just the help of a damp sponge. Also, there are detachable components like splash guards, containers, and storage lids that you use with the dishwasher at home for cleaning purposes. Since the blades can be removed easily after use, cleaning the elite food processor becomes very easy. For quick cleaning purposes, you can use the pulse technology. Above all, it includes specific features like stacked blade assembly, 16-ounce chopper bowl, pitcher splash guard, and chopping blade assembly.

2. Oster Brushed Nickel Pro 1200 Blender

Oster Brushed Nickel Blender

The Oster Brushed Nickel Pro 1200 blender from Oster has a high-quality glass mixing jar to offer the most powerful mixer. Notably, the 1200 watt motor promises you numerous revolutions per minute. This will make food processor and blender interchangeably to ensure everything is easy, particularly from salsas, smoothies, to soup. In addition to the pulse function, the fresh fruit ingredients will result in cutting food particles into individual portions.

The blade can be removed very quickly so that you can clean all other removable parts thoroughly and conveniently in the dishwasher. Besides, there is the glass container, which has a capacity of 24-Ounce and also six-cup boro class glass jar, which is BPA-free supplied with this mixer. For a modern and elegant look, this model has a premium stainless steel and even the ice crushing power of 900 watts.

The startup power for the motor is 1200 watts, which consistently crushes pulverizes greens, ice, and transform frozen fruit into the smooth sorbet. In a like manner, this model features seven speeds and smart settings technology that includes three pre-programmed settings for one-touch milkshakes, smoothies, and salsas, and also pulse to add precision and control.

The blade position ensures the mixing area is enlarged accordingly. The shape of the container matches the blades to ensure even and better-mixing results for the ideal liquid products. You can also benefit from the innovative model because it has a 10-year warranty, which is convenient in case there is a mechanical problem.

3. Ninja Mega BL770 Kitchen System Blender Food Processor

Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender

The elite food processor has a powerful device with an impressive output of 1500 watts. It can crush a total of 72-ounce pitcher pulverizes ice in seconds. This is necessary for smoothies and creamy frozen drinks. In all honesty, it has an eight-cup food processor bowl that offers perfect chopping, which makes a dough within 30 seconds. There are a dough blade and chopping blade that help to mix two pounds of drinks.

Whether you want to prepare sauces, soups, pesto, or fresh smoothies yourself, this blender or food processor gives you a wide range of options. It has BPA free parts and a dishwasher safe, which makes it safe when cleaning all its parts. In the same way, it has a reversible grating disc and slicing/shredding disc that ensure an even and effective result. The model has 72-ounce crushing pitcher, 30 recipe inspiration guides, two 16 ounce cups, and the lids to facilitate its function.

Subsequently, the two 16 ounce cups and the lids are perfect when creating personalized and nutrient drinks for yourself or a group of people. This allows you to prepare more significant amounts of smoothies within some seconds. Also, with this best blender and food processor, you can use it conveniently to crush ice. You need to keep in mind that when you want to use your hand to clean the unit, use dish soap and warm water.

4. Cuisinart Ultra Trio HP Blender BFP-650GM Food Processor

Cuisinart Ultra Trio Blender

The Cuisinart Ultra Trio HP Blender BFP-650GM Food Processor is also in the market that comes with two travel cups. As an illustration, it is BPA free, where you do not have to be afraid of harmful substances when preparing fresh drinks. More importantly, it has a horsepower high-performance motor with a cord length of 36 Inches. With the sophisticated electronics minces and smart power, it helps to whips up the smoothies and also chops ice. So, you can prepare healthy juices and smoothies within some minutes.

Subsequently, you can conveniently place the mixer in the dishwasher for cleaning without fearing any damage from the blade. It has the lids and the two travel cups, which make you enjoy your health and fresh juice comfortably. In the same way, the elite food processor can shred, slice, mix, and also chop different food materials. There is a sturdy base, which can handle everything you toss within some seconds. Also, this base makes it convenient to use the mixer without fear of breaking the bottom.

The high-quality disc ensures a finely pureed result when mixing your food products. Besides, you can clean the blade very quickly, like other parts. Even more, the blender or food processor weighs 11 pounds. The glass jar is calibrated to indicate different capacities, which make it easy to measure various positions according to your wish. Since the manufacturer has given fine details in this model, it is easy to understand the operating instructions, which is an integral part of the original scope of delivery. Whether you want to mix juices or a protein shake, this mixer is at your side.

5. Ninja Ultra Prep PS101700-Watt Food Processor

Ninja Ultra Prep Blender

When looking for the greatest blender food processor combos, go for this model, which has impressive features. For example, it comes with total crushing and power chopping blades that help to chop veggies by converting them to salsa and also crushing ice to form delicious margaritas. It has a 700-watt power pod and one-touch intuitive control button that make drinks and food making easy and straightforward. This work by pushing down the power pod to hold down or pulse to ensure a continuous run.

Besides, it has a motor that creates ultra-fast and numerous revolutions per minute so that you can prepare your delicacies within no time. The jar of the blender or food processor comes with a capacity of 48 oz., which is dishwasher-safe and has a practical measuring scale. The measuring range helps to measure the different sizes you will require to measure. What is more, this elite food processor has dishwasher-safe blades, splash guard lid, and a jar that make it complete. Likewise, it is compact, lightweight weighing 1.5 pounds, and takes less space while in the kitchen.

There are three interchangeable blades and a touch power pod of this blender food processor operation that make it easy to switch from the food processor to blender and dough mixer. The high-speed blade helps to liquefy the ingredients into the favorite shakes, smoothies, dressings, and dips. Also, there is a dough blade that allows us to mix batters and dough for desserts and main dishes. Cleaning the power pod is very easy for you to need to use the damp cloth and wipe it accordingly.

Why do you need a blender and a food processor all at once?

The blender food processor combo is the most useful invention which humankind has ever developed. Not only does it make cooking more comfortable, but it also allows you to make healthy homemade meals. You use a blender and a food processor all at once if you are preparing different dishes that will require them. For example, you can use the food processor to perform various repetitive tasks, which is the prerequisite for all delicious foods. This is like chopping vegetables, mixing the batter, and kneading the dough, among others. The operation is not very sharp, angled towards the bottom of a deep, and has a small pan to breaks down veggies, fibrous fruits, and whips vegetables.

Besides, you will use the blender for it is ideal for more demanding tasks. It has the blades that can slice the food particles of different thicknesses like eggplants, carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, and other vegetables. Usually, you can use this blender to prepare baby food using fresh ingredients, create protein-field shake or smoothies. The mixer will also emulsify and liquefy food materials to a smooth and thick, consistent texture. Generally, when preparing different types of food, you will use both the blender and food processor all at once.

Features to consider before buying a blender food processor


When buying the best food processor blades are the crucial factor where is should have various types to carry out different functions, such as grinding, chopping, and pureeing, among others. Another thing you should consider about the blades is the quality of the material. The best one has to be made of stainless steel because this material is durability and has a high level of performance.

Power (wattage)

The fundamental way of chopping or cutting does not require much power. However, some functions, such as mixing the dough, require more energy. You need to choose the wattage carefully according to the intended use. For safety reasons, motors of above 700 watts can perform even the most challenging task.


The best blender food processor source should have different functions, which are according to the number of disks, attachments, and blades. Before buying the product, you need to ensure that all the required items are included or purchased separately to provide sufficient work. Typically, you will not want to discover later that your product does not perform its intended purpose.


When buying the blender food processor, you need to consider the warranty. The standard warranty for every home appliance is one year. Typically, some manufacturers appreciate the quality of their products and offer guarantees, which is extended. These extended warranties generally apply to motors. There is those best blender food processor operation that offers extended warranties. If you find this type of product, you can be sure that it will not stop working a week after one first year.

Dishwasher safe parts

Today, most blenders or food processors have safe dishwasher parts but will never hurt to check again. Another thing you will need to do is manually clean them after use, which is the crucial thing you need to look when buying any of this product. The best processor should not have hard or sharp edges and accessible cavities where the food can be stacked. In such cases, it may be difficult for the dishwasher to access these areas, and this would require brushing or manual cleaning.

What are do’s and don’ts when using a blender food processor?


  • Keep the face away from the elite food processor lid by opening it after mixing the ingredients.
  • Hot or semi-solid liquids may damage the processor blades where you need to cool it before turning on the blender.
  • Pre-chop or pre-crash hard ingredients effectively to avoid damage from the blades.
  • Use a purse button to make the process of mixing the solid ingredients quick and easy.
  • Check whether the cover is adequately sealed. Because it is not sealed correctly, the ingredients may splatter anywhere in the kitchen and mess up the whole room.
  • Carefully clean the blender because proper maintenance will extend the appliance lifespan. Begin the process of cleaning by pouring warm water into the bottom of the container with a liquid dishwasher and then shake it for about 50 seconds. In this way, you will rinse and clean your jar easily and let it dry for a while after washing.


  • Never wash the motor-operated base but just clean it using a wet cloth.
  • Avoid using the eroded cable with the blender because this may cause a fire. Throw it away and fix a new one.
  • Do not use a scraper or spatula in a blender when a motor is running.
  • Do not blend too much-concentrated ingredients that require less than three minutes because this may heat the appliance.
  • Do not use the spare parts or attachments from other manufacturers because this can damage the processor. The power and capacity of the blender food processor operation may not correspond with the accessory or spare part of another brand. This can cause various problems.
  • Do not use an extension cord with a mixer, because this may lead to unnecessary and dangerous accident.

What’s the difference between a blender and a food processor?

The blender is generally the best for liquids, and you can use it to make smoothies while the food processor help to make work more comfortable which is demanding, for instance, slicing vegetables or mixing dough.

The blender works with the blades which are attached to the bottom and cannot mix the solid materials. With the food processor, it has several interchangeable discs, such as slicing blades and discs, all of which offer the ability to chopping solid ingredients and grate and making breadcrumbs. The drives of a blender are quite dull, and you don’t have to stick them in your hands, but it functions with the help of the motor, which is different from the food processor.

The blender has a more powerful motor than the food processor, which allows the blades to spin quickly, and the ingredients are crushed easily. The power and speed make the blender a powerful tool.

Most of the blender bowl helps to offer a serving function, so it features the lip and side, which is dimensional. The lid has a removable plug that enables you to add the ingredients during the mixing process, which is not the case with the food processor.

It is easy to clean the blender where the bottom doesn’t get dirty, so you only clean the bowl and the blades. This is different from the food processor, where it is somehow challenging to clean it.

The food processor has a big list of services with the function that includes slicing, pureeing, and shredding while the blender has does not does have many features as the food processor.


If you have been spending more time preparing the dish in the kitchen, then the most excellent blender food processor combo will ease your work. It can crush ice, chop vegetables, make the dough, and do other functions. You can find many of these brands with the mark of being the best, but not all are reliable. If you need to buy the elite food processor that will meet all your needs, go for these products. Use their features, and you will understand what you need with your device and whether you should spend more on exclusive features. As has been shown, these processors have many excellent properties that make them the right model in any kitchen setting. We have full confidence with these products, and you assured of the high-quality service and long life. Their specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of each product will give you the full picture. I hope this will be important to you and you will not regret their service.

Best Blender Food Processor Combo

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