Best Commercial Meat Grinder Reviews 2021 (Updated)

How do you think all these restaurants prepare such delicious burgers and minced meat delicacies?
Of course, grinding meat with manual grinders is not an option over here. They use commercial meat grinders.

List of top 3 commercial meat grinders:

The market offers a large list of the best meat grinder models, with their own features, specialties, and strengths. At the time of buying these commercial meat mixer grinders, it is imperative that you go through the reviews. This is a good way to get a clear idea about the features and the strengths and the weakness of the product. This is why I am here today!

If you feel that making the right choice can get really tricky for you, here are some of the best commercial meat mixer grinders shortlisted below. Let us take a look at each of them.

Top 10 Best Commercial Meat Grinders Reviews for 2021

1. LEM Big Bite – A Perfect Commercial Meat Grinder

LEM Big Bite

  • Motor Power – 370W
  • Stainless Steel Body – Yes
  • Water Proof Switch – Yes
  • 240-1080lbs/hour
  • Removable Drawer – Yes

The model comes with a super sleek design that is made out of a shiny stainless steel body that is super sturdy, easy to clean and has a sophisticated and stylish look. It can elevate the look and the feel of the kitchen at any time, period! All the commercial meat grinder parts such as the auger, the grinder head, and the meat pan are made out of stainless steel.

The stainless steel body is further augmented with a waterproof switch that adds to the safety of the meat grinder and makes it a great choice for regular usage. The stainless steel body also prevents early rusting and damage to the appliance. Hence you can get a great performance out of the grinder for a long run.

If you need to grind a good amount of meat on a daily basis, then there cannot be a better choice than this commercial meat and bone grinder. It has a fat throat and a meat pan of the dimension of 13”x9”x2-3/8”. This enables the meat grinder to work on a large quantity of meat at a single time.

The brand has also taken to add a good number of extra beneficiary parts such as a stainless steel knife, stuffing plates and also stuffing tubes along with a solid meat stomper.

The removable drawers allow you more freedom and space for arranging the trays and meat that is being processed by the grinders.

The model has a powerful motor of 370W that can grind large quantities of meat. The meat mincer is facilitated with a circuit breaker for a better safety of the user and the grinder. You can expect smooth operations and a noiseless functioning.

What we liked
  • Strong and noiseless operations
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Extra helping features
What we didn’t like
  • Nothing to mention!!

2. Weston Pro Series 22 – Industrial Meat Grinder Reviews

Weston Pro Series 22 reviews

  • Color – Silver
  • Wattage – 750W
  • Weight – 5kg
  • Motor Power – 120 Volts.

This is a model of commercial meat grinder sausage stuffer that is facilitated with a very powerful motor. The motor is permanently lubricated and air-cooled. It has an external color of silver that provides the meat mincer with a sleek and stylish look.

This commercial meat grinder from Weston comes with a great design. The specially engineered steel gears help in providing a noise-free performance and also greater durability to the product. It has a head design that can easily control and can manipulate the speed of the appliance.

The size of this industrial meat grinder is yet again one of the biggest advantages of the model. It is smart and sleek in its dimensions. It is also not very heavy and weighs somewhere near 5 kg. This makes the grinder highly portable and it can be shifted to any part of the room with remarkable ease. The outer dimension of the meat grinder is also such that it can be fitted into any small corner or part of the kitchen.

The stainless steel body of this commercial meat chopper offers greater functional excellence to the whole design. It makes the appliance stronger and more durable for long-term usage. Additionally, the stainless steel outer body also makes it easier for cleaning and maintenance over a long stretch of time.

This meat grinder mixer is one that can be dissembled with a lot of ease. This adds benefits to the user. You can easily disassemble the grinder and store it away if you plan not to use this for a while. Storage also becomes easier and much hassle-free.

The brand provides its users with a large number of added extra add accessories and extra features. You can get stainless steel user grinding knives, two sets of grinding plates, sausage stuffing funnels and a solid stamper and also a good quality auger. All these added parts can help you to have a more wholesome experience of using the meat grinder. It will also ensure that you get a pack of useful tools for a quality cooking experience.

What we liked
  • The model has a powerful motor to process a good amount of meat a single time
  • Noise-free operations
  • The grinder has a cool and stylish look. This will accentuate the look of the kitchen.
  • The meat grinder is small and can be fitted into any part or corner of the kitchen.
  • The mincer has parts that can be dissembled with ease and convenience.
  • It has a super stylish silver outer casing.
What we didn’t like
  • Might seem too heavy to move from one side of the kitchen counter to another

3. Weston 10-2201-W Pro Series #22 – Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

Weston 10-2201-W Pro Series #22 Meat Grinder

  • Power – 1125 watts
  • Body – Stainless Steel
  • Removable Parts – Yes
  • Light Weight – Yes
  • Color – Silver

Weston 10-2201-W Pro #22 has one of the best designs in commercial meat and bones grinders. If you wish to take down a large volume of meats and bones at a single time, this model can help you. The design and the model of the commercial meat grinders are construed so that you can do a large volume of work in a smooth and hassle-free manner. This ensures that the makers of the grinder have provided the machine with a super quality motor. The motor is powerful and well lubricated. It has a power of 1.5 HP and also facilitates of reverse and on-off functions.

The head design of the product supports a free manipulation of the speed of the grinder. It also has a tray that can safeguard the users. This is a safety measure that ensures the security of the user.

The body is made of stainless steel. This makes the meat grinder stronger and more durable for long-term usage. The stainless body also makes it much easier to clean and maintain the meat grinder.

The product comes with movable parts that can be dissembled very quickly and easily. This makes the cleaning procedure and the storage procedure of the grinder much more effective and easy.

The dimension of the product is such that you can easily store the product in any small corner or space of the kitchen. It is also quite light and can be carried easily from one place to another.

The silver body of the commercial meat grinder gives it a really stylish and sophisticated look. This can change the decor of your kitchen in a drastic manner.

What we liked
  • The machine is powerful and silent.
  • It has a stylish look
  • This is easy to clean and store
  • The grinder is safe for long-term
  • It comes with movable parts.
What we didn’t like
  • Some claim that the blad is not good enough

4. Tangkula Commercial – Commercial Meat Grinder

Tangkula Commercial Meat Grinder

  • Stainless Steel Body – Yes
  • Capacity – 375 lbs/hour
  • Speed – 193/225 RPM.

This is one of the best commercial-grade meat grinders that is a perfect fit for a huge mass of meat and bones grinding. The model has a super powerful motor that requires a power supply of 110 V. It has a capacity of handling 170 kg per hour and hence can be a perfect choice of places such as restaurants, butcher shops, fast food centers, and supermarkets. It can grind meat for burgers, patties, sausages, and meatloaf.

This grinder model comes with a sturdy stainless steel body. This makes the product super effective for a long-term use. The durable model also comes with movable parts that can be dissembled with ease and simplicity. This makes storing of the product really easy. You can also thoroughly clean the meat grinder when not in use and can reassemble the parts for further usage.

It has a super-efficient 1 HP motor that automatically grinds a huge bulk of meat into a wide variety of popular minced meat products.

Although the product is meant for an industrial purpose and is a little bulky in its dimensions yet the appliance is reasonably lightweight.

Happybuy meat grinder is able to consume less power. Even if this is used for long hours the electricity consumption rate will be within reasonable limits.

The product is also great for domestic usage. Families, where people have a large number of minced meat products, are perfect for making use of this meat grinder. This is a machine that is simple in its operations, reasonable in terms of its electricity consumption, and also quite simple in its maintenance.

What we liked
  • It has a powerful machine
  • It provides for a large quantity of meat and bones
  • It is perfect for domestic and also for industrial usage
  • It is great for places which require economic functioning.
  • The product is easy to store and even easier to clean.
What we didn’t like
  • The motor doesn NOT last long.

5. PRO-CUT KG-22 – Can Grind 1700lbs per Hour

PRO-CUT KG-22 Meat Grinder

  • Weight – 132 Pounds
  • Color – Stainless Steel
  • Batteries – None
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Voltage – 110 Volts

This is a super machine that is built to handle a large volume of meat. The model has an awesome motor power of 1HP that facilitates the processing of over 1,700 lbs of meat every hour. PRO CUT meat grinder is a perfect fit for use in different commercial places like supermarkets, meat shops, and meat processing centers, restaurants, and hotels.

The body of this meat grinder is enough durable to grind. This adds to the strength and durability of the grinder.

This meat grinder has a movable headstock. This makes it easier for the user to thoroughly clean the grinder and maintain it. You can disassemble the grinding appliance easily and can keep it away if you are not using it. This enables you to store the grinder in an effective manner.

The waterless grinder is rather economic in terms of its electricity consumption and can keep your electricity bills within controllable limits.

It comes with added parts like a set of 12 plates. These plates can be used for making other items like jellies, marmalades, purees and also salsas.

This commercial grinder is super simple to use and is also rather safe for the user.

What we liked
  • Can handle a large amount of meat
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Durable and easy to maintain.
  • Cost-effective
  • Has added features
What we didn’t like
  • Space consuming
  • Heavy

6. Weston Butcher Series #8 – Commercial Meat Grinder

Weston Butcher Series #32 Commercial Meat Grinders

  • High Speed – Yes
  • Steel Gears – Yes
  • Color – Silver
  • Easy Clean Up – Yes
  • Removable Parts – Yes
  • Weight – 71.5 pounds

Weston Butcher Series #8 commercial meat grinder has a super powerful motor of 1.5 Horse Power. The motor ensures that you can take care of a good volume of meat is processed within a stipulated time. It can grind meat 12-18 lbs per minute!

This is one of the best industrial meat grinders which is reliable. This is super effective in terms of having a manageable electricity bill.

The body is made up of stainless steel. This is a kitchen appliance that is effective in terms of durability and also of getting a good quality performance over a period of time.

The parts are removable and you can easily take out the parts and also reassemble them. This is a feature that makes it super easy for you to clean the grinder thoroughly from time to time. You can also sore this in a very effective manner.

This grinding machine has an outer casing of silver color. This adds an additional beauty to the meat grinder. It can change the décor of the kitchen very effectively as it has a sleek and sophisticated look.

What we liked
  • It has a strong motor
  • Can provide a controlled electricity bill.
  • Simple in operations.
  • Attractive looks.
  • Lightweight
  • Has a set of other accessories.
What we didn’t like
  • Some users have complained about the blates.

7. ARKSEN #22 – A Commercial Fodd Processor

ARKSEN 1100W Commercial Style #22 meat grinder

  • Power – 1100 watts
  • Body – Stainless Steel
  • Fine Grinding Plates – Yes
  • Wide Throat – Yes
  • Motor – 1 HP

ARKSEN #22 is commercial meat grinding machine that has a powerful motor of 1 HP. Even you can easily grind the toughest bones.

You can also handle a large volume of meat within a stipulated time. This will help you to complete the work well in time and also handle the bulk of work with speed.

The brand has conducted a good number of tests and demonstrations so that the grinder can perform well in commercial spaces like industry, restaurants, etc. It is designed by maintaining the international standards of industrial meat grinders designing. This is one of the best meat grinders for bones that is safe for long-term usage. Operations are simple and highly easy for operators.

The industrial grinder comes with a large neck. This will allow you to feed in large chunks of meat at a single time. This can be a huge benefit for the user who is handling a large volume of meat.

It has a stainless steel body that adds to the strength and durability of the meat grinder. You can clean the grinder easily and can also expect great performance for a long duration.

What we liked
  • Great machine for handling bulk.
  • Strong durable body
  • Easy to clean
  • Can handle large pieces of tough meat
  • Can be used for processing other forms of food.
What we didn’t like
  • The design is not so good


Users who have purchased the meat grinding machines and have made use of them over a period of time has reviewed These commercial-type electric meat grinders. These machines can be really effective in terms of processing and grinding a large volume of meat. The meat could be tender or tough; the choice is up to the user. However, these commercial meat grinders can process all types of meat even if they come with bones in them. These kitchen meat grinders can be used for commercial purposes but you can use these industrial meat grinders if you need to grind a high volume of meat at your home.

This adds to the advantage of the user. These commercial grade meat grinders can be used when required and then can be stored away in a comfortable manner. They really need very little space for installation and also for storage purposes. They all come in stainless steel bodies and hence can be used for a long duration. This also adds to the convenience of the user as cleaning the grinder becomes really easy and simple.

Additionally, most of these commercial meat grinders are really lightweight and can be moved from one place to another place.

These reviews are of prime importance for the buyers who wish to buy the best commercial meat grinder for them. The remarks and the information can help you to understand the features of these grinders. Hence you can now buy the most suitable model that will serve your purpose best.

Once you have gone through these electric meat grinder reviews you will be able to decide on which model to buy. This can help you get better returns from your purchase.

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